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WILD GOOSE ( Anser anser L. )

In Romania there are non-migrant goose species (Anser Anser) as well as migrant goose (Anser Albifrons, Anser Fabalis) .

Is the biggest goose from our country(3-4 kg). Generally,the collour is brown-grey,and the outline feathers are hemed by white. The beak and the eyelids are orange-pink,with the nail beak-white,and the leggs are pink-red.Between male and female there are not visible differences.It has an extremely hearing and seeing, and is extremly cautious. Goose hunting is possible starting with October, when the migration starts in the wintering districts. They remain here, on the Danube Delta lakes and along the Danube until the snow falls cover the wheat and rape crops, which are excellent feeding places for them. The optimum hunting period is between November 1 and February 28 , when the goose stocks are in maximum number. The weight of one piece is between 2 - 5 kg depending on species. The type of hunting practiced is the still (blind) hunt in the morning at the feeding places or in the evening in the overnight places, on lakes and wide ponds.

Depending on the existing conditions, the hunting may be organized in the following manners:

•  Still (blind) hunt on ponds , when the birds leave or return from the feeding places;

•  Still (blind) waiting in the field , on the direction to the feeding places, early in the morning when the birds "fly corridor" is known: from the overnight places to the feeding places. For this type of hunting, camouflage is done in special pits along the irrigation canals. It is a fascinating hunt, depending on every day's weather conditions (fogg, wind, snowfall).

•  Still hunt in crop fields when the feeding places are exactly known.

0n a hunting day a hunter may shoot between 2 and 10 pieces, depending on the weather conditions. We recommend groups of 6 and 10 persons .

Recommended gun: shot gun, pellets diameter 3.5 mm - 4 mm (no.3; 1; 0) .

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