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WILD DUCKS ( Anas platyrhynchos L. )

In Romania one may find non-migrant duck species, but also migrant duck spieces. There are 18 duck species , of which in largest number there are: The Mallard (Anas plathyrincos), Small Ducks (Anas crecca and Anas querquedula), Pintain (Anas acuta), Godwal (Anas strepera), Red-Crested Pochard (Netta rufina), White-Headed (Aythya ferina), Ferruginosus (Aythya nyroca) and Shoveler (Spatula clypeata).

The optimum time for wild ducks hunting is from October to February . For other duck species, except for The Mallard, the hunting period extends until March 15 .

Hunting is practiced in the following ways: by (motor) boat on the Danube , or silent hunt in the morning or evening on the ponds and lakes inside the country. The (motor) boat hunting on the Danube is organized in December, January when the inner ponds and lakes are frozen and large groups of animals take retreat on the Danube.

It is a special, comfortable hunting, with hunters standing in turn on the upper deck, 2 - 3 at a time, while the others take rest in the berth. About 10 hour's walking can be achieved on one day; success is rather modest, a hunter being able to shoot an average of 5-6 ducks a day.

Still hunting organized on ponds and lakes. This sort of hunting is being organized in October, November, February, March . Depending on the weather conditions in the mildly cold winters, hunting can be held during the other months, too, on the essential condition that the ponds are not frozen. The hunters align themselves in camouflage places, such as: islands, cabins, reed, and wait for the ducks transfer from the water to the feeding places.

Decoys may also be used . By that method, 10 - 15 pieces a day per hunter can be shot. It is a special type of hunting, and the fans of such huntings may spend unforgettable moments.

Our recommendation is for groups of 4 to 6 persons.

The recommended gun: shot gun, pellet diameter 3 mm (No. 4; 5) .

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