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QUAIL ( Coturinix Coturnix . )

Romania has stocks of non-migrant quails, but most of the birds appear during the fall, while they migrate in Northern Africa.

Optimum time for quail hunting is between August 20 and October 01 , which represents the peak of quail migration to the warm southern countries. Romania is crossed by two migration corridors, one in the western country and the other one in the eastern country.

The traditional places to find quails is the fodder fields, hay fields, stubble fields (after the wheat harvesting).

An adult bird weighs 100 - 150 grams . Hunting is practiced by foot or with pointer dogs . Hunt by tracking for larger groups (4-10 persons) without pointing dogs is organized this way: A line of hunters is arranged, stretching deep into the field, by advancing slowly, in discipline. Consequtive lanes are covered, while shooting at the birds that fly up in front or behind the hunters. 5-10 km can be covered daily. A good hunting offers between 20-30 quails.

The hunt by tracking with pointers is a fascinating hunt, full of satisfactions, which may offer the hunter-dog team unforgettable moments. 5-10 km can be covered daily and a good hunting day may reward the hunter with about 20 - 50 pieces.

Recommended gun: shot gun, pellet diameter 1.8 - 2 mm (No. 10, 11) .

Along the Danube west-southeast of Romania, there are excellent fields for quail hunting. These are very numerous during August 15th until the end of September.

Hunting takes place in freshly cut clover fields and wheat fields, where grass bushes have grown. Our professionals, as passionate for hunting as you are, will prepare the fields, taking care of the smallest detail, to give you the most relaxing journey. An excellent period is from the 15th of August till September long (the best period). Along the Danube, there are thousand of snipes feeding quietly in the rice fields and in the swamps. There is also still-hunting in specially arranged places with whistles for luring and acquiring the best results. Hunting is scheduled from 06:00 am to about 10:00 am and in the afternoon from 18:00 to about 20:00. There are 3 days of hunting, enough to give you an excellent hunt. Those requesting longer journeys, can obtain programs to this effect.

For those who don't own a shotgun, our company will provide excellent automatic shotguns and Italian cartridges.

Our schedule begins once you arrive in Romania, followed by the hunting days and finishes with your departure.

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