Hunting and Adventure in Romania
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WOLF ( Canis Lupus . )

The wolf has its areal in the Carpathian Arch , in areas richly populated by roe deer, stag and wild boar. It is the representative of the big carnivorous, extremely intelligent, a source of inspiration for legends.

It lives in the hilly and mountainous woodland, at altitudes of 400 - 1500 meters . In heavy winters may climb down to the plains areas.

In Romania, the wolf population is well represented numerically and as a value. In 2000 there were about 3700 animals .

Romania holds the world record in skin 186,17 CIC points as well as 262 gold medals .

An adult weighs about 50 kg , but animals of over 70 kg can be found.

Variants of hunting are: by beat and stalking . Hunting by beat is organized during winter time, in December, January, February . It may be combined with the wild boar hunt until 31 January. It is a tough hunting, with reduced chances of success, and the wolf hunter has to be aware that a wolf trophy is difficult to obtain which makes this hunting a genuine challenge. 2 - 3 beats can be organized in one day, depending on the ground particularities and on the participants' physical condition.

The still hunt needs specially arranged places, baited previously, hunters start from observation posts or underground shelters situated nearby. Most of the observation posts are heated, which makes waiting rather pleasant during cold winter nights.

Recommended gun caliber for wolf hunting is of 6,5 - 7 mm . A field-glass with a special night sight system (a red point or light amplifier) could be of real use during the night watch.

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