Hunting and Adventure in Romania
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ROE DEER ( Capreolus Capreolus. )

The areal of the most representative herbivorous in Romania starts from the Danube meadows and reaches the mountain woodland.

The peak trophy in roe deer in Romania is of 211,67 CIC points .

Romania holds 461 gold medals . Average roe deer trophies in Romania is of about 400 g .

Roe deer weight is an average 30 - 35 kg . Hunting is practiced as still hunt and stalking hunt.

Hunting is practiced as still hunt and stalking hunt. Optimum hunting period is from May 15 to September 15 .

Still hunt is practiced early in the morning, at the feeding places, as well as in the evening.

The stalking hunting is carried out from the waggons, where the ground allows it, or in the hilly and mountains areas by walking closer to such places. Recommended caliber for the roe deer is 6,5 mm - 7 mm .

Our company owns the most beautiful lands for deer hunting in Romania: they consist of sweet hills, vast plains with old age forest and of course the Carpathian Mountains, all for the satisfaction of all the hunters. Hunting is carried out in many ways: looking for the game, still hunting and at the end of July and beginning of August in pack.

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