Hunting and Adventure in Romania
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WILD BOAR ( Sus Scrofa . )

Extremely stout and sturdy game, with its areal from the Danube Delta to the alpine zone, reaching altitudes of up to 1800 m in the summer.

Romania holds 593 gold medals . The national record: 144 CIC points .

The optimum hunting period is August 1st to January 31st .

The most usual weight of an adult animal in Romania is of about 150 kg . There are also animals of over 300 kg (in the Danube Delta).

Practiced hunting are the beat (drive hunting) and by tracking . The drive hunting is organized in the plain regions, in the Danube meadows, as well as in the hilly and mountainous zones. 3 - 5 beat hunting parties may be organized in one day in the plain regions. This type of hunting requires a very good physical conditions , on flat land.

In the mountains zones, this hunting may be associated with the bear or wolf hunt. 2 - 3 drives may be organized daily depending on the ground difficulty. The hunt requires a good physical conditions . The still hunt succeeds in places used by wild boar to come to their feeding or passing places.

Recommended gun: of minimum 7 mm up to higher calibers, of 9 mm .

If you want to hunt giant wild boars, then Romania is indeed the country. Hunting is excited, where you can hunt wild boars over 300 kg.

One hunting day allows approximately 6 beater huntings. With a minimum of 5 hunters, 6 or 8 wild boars can be shot each day.

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