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BEAR ( Ursus Arctos . )

Romania has the largest bear population in Europe . Romania's bear population exceeds 4,500 animals .

It is the largest carnivorous in the Carpathians, known on good reason as the "King of the Carpathian woodland" . The bear areal stretches along the Carpathian arch, in hilly and mountain areas, but it can be found at altitudes starting with 500 - 600 meters up to 1200 meters.

Romania holds the world record for that species both for fur and the skull , with registered 687,79 CIC points for skin and 69,47 CIC points for the skull. Romania also holds the next 10 trophies in the world for skin , with a total 362 gold medals . Most frequent trophies in Romania are those of 350 - 400 CIC points .

The weight of an adult, sturdy bear exceeds often 300 - 350 kg . It may also reach 450 kg .

Hunting is practiced as: drive hunt, beat hunt and stalking . Beat hunt is organized in the autumn, when the animals gather around the abundant feeding places; beaters and dogs are used. To enhance hunting chances, we recommend groups of 3 up to 8 persons . 2 to 4 drives may be organized daily depending on the degree of ground accessibility and on participants' physical condition.

For those who may like it, a joint bear hunt may be organized, that is by adding a wild bear hunt. The bate and stalking hunts are especially organized in the spring season, but also in the autumn, as it is a special hunting aiming at collecting valuable trophies. The hunt is practiced in feeding places, specially arranged, from observation posts near such places.

The optimum hunting period is: in the autumn: October 01 - November 15 , and for the spring season from March 15 to May 15 , depending on the weather conditions.

Recommended caliber is of minimum 7 mm, up to high calibers of 9 and over 9 mm .

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