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LYNX ( Lynx Lynx . )

The lynx is a very discreet and cautious animal, being the largest representative of the felidae in the European forests . Its areal in Romania is situated in the Carpathian Mountains, in woodlands, preferably in the rocky zones, of difficult access, situated at altitudes of 700 to 1600 meters.

Romania holds 140 gold medals , with peaks represented by a trophy of 173,37 CIC points in fur and 28,05 CIC points for the skull .

Romania has a lynx population of about 2000 specimens. An adult may weigh an average 30 kg . It may also reach even 50 kg .

Variants of hunting are: by beat, still and stalking hunting with dogs .

The beat hunting is organized on the occasion of wild boar hunting and other species sharing the same areal with the lynx (bear, wolf). Optimum period for this hunting is January, February .

Still hunting takes place in the lynx's known passages or in the sunny places preferred by it.

Stalking hunting with dogs : it is a method which requires a snow coat of 10-20 cm, on which the very fresh tracks are followed with a specially trained dog; the dog tracks down the lynx and forces it to climb a tree. Once the animal fixed like that, the hunter has only to shoot down his lynx, and the much wanted trophy.

This hunting method requires a very good physical condition, as sometimes the hunter has to cover up to 15 km a day in mountainous regions.

Recommended gun caliber for the lynx hunting are the light calibres: 6.5 mm - 7 mm .

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