Hunting and Adventure in Romania
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It is the largest population of mammals of hunting interest in Romania. The cultivated agricultural lands are the best habitat for such species. Hare lives also in the hilly areas, even mountainous areas, but its numbers are not representative.

Romania has a large hare population, of about 1 million pieces .

The hunting period runs from November 1 to January 31 .

The average weight of an adult is of 4 kg , but it may reach 6 kg .

This hunting is by beat (drive hunting) or by foot .

The beating hunting is the most frequent hunting practice in the plains, and beaters are used.

The hunters are placed on the stand line at 70 - 80 meters of each other, trying to close the best they can one part of the plot. The beat (drive) starts from the opposite side, and the beaters are placed at 30 - 50 m of each other. The length of a beat may vary from 1 to 2 km. Depending on the results, up to 6 beats may be organized on one day.

The hare hunting in Romania is a successful hunt, as a hunter may collect at least two hares on one day. For a guaranteed success, we recommend groups of at least 6 persons .

The other method by foot is for smaller groups, the success is less, of 1 hare a day per hunter; and consists of covering an area of land, with hunters aligned along a line; among them, local hunting personnel may be inserted. About 5-6 km may be covered on one day.

The recommended gun: shot gun, pellet diammeter 4 mm (no.1; 0) .

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