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CHAMOIS ( Rupicapra Rupicapra . )

The Pearl of the Carpathian Mountains , is the most vigorous one and holds the strongest trophies in the world. The most representative animals are in the Southern Carpathians. The Chamois' areal is in the Carpathians alpine zone, and it is frequently found at altitudes of over 1800 - 2000 meters.

Romania holds the world trophy for his species, with 141,10 CIC points , as well as the subsequent 10 trophies , amounting to a total 118 gold medals . The average size of the trophy is 90 - 100 CIC points . Chamois body weight is an average 50 kg .

Type of hunting is by stalking . The hunt by stalking requires lots of attention, considering the fact that this animal has a keen hearing and eyesight. An exceptional physical condition is necessary for the hunter, as getting near the animals and hunting them take place in alpine zones with a high sliding risk. A proper equipment is also required, we recommend footwear with a proper sole. The stalking hunt may be carried out throughout the day.

The optimum hunting period is October - November .

Recommended calibre is 6.5, 7 and even 8 mm , with high speed bullets, considering that usual shooting takes place from distances of over 200 m and requires a good training for shooting in alpine zones that present significant differences in level between the hunter's place and the target animal.

The biggest trophies of chamois in the world and world record are found on the tops of the Carpathian Mountains.
On these mountains the ideal conditions have been created for a hunting trip of only 3 days. Particularly on the Fagaras Mountain you can frequently find chamois of over 120 CIC points. This is quite a sportive hunt and there are no dangerous cliffs or valleys. It's just a 3 to 4 hour walk to the hunting sites and for people who want them, horses can be used and for those who wish to walk there are accessible areas here to find Capital trophies.
We guarantee the best results of a hunt, as our people are very professional and highly experienced in this type of hunting.

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