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Romania is a wonderful land of extremes. Stiflingly hot during the summer, freezing cold during the winter. Romania is where the Western world ends, and where the Slavic East begins. The last territory to be incorporated in to the Roman Empire, when Rome comprehended the fairest part of the Earth, and the most civilised portion of mankind, and the first to be left to its fate. Two thousand years on Romania now looks to join the European Union: another empire born of a Treaty of Rome.
For the traveller Romania offers many things. The opportunity to see genuinely wonderful places, to meet wonderful people, to experience the last frontier-land in Europe.
In Your Pocket has online guides to a multitude of cities in this endlessly fascinating country, not least of all the capital Bucharest. But Romania is a whole lot more than the capital: Brasov, Constanta, Botosani, Craiova and many other have much to offer.

For those arriving without a shotgun, our company provides automatic shotguns; our services begin when you arrive in Romania and end on the day when you leave.


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