Hunting and Adventure in Romania
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. Our offer consists in 6 days and 7 nights.
. 3 hunting days
. 3 days of amazing adventures
. Airport assistance, arrival and departure
. All transportation in Romania
. A 4WD car, ATV truck, snowmobile, sleigh or wagon
. Full board and lodging, starting with dinner in the arrival day and ending with breakfast the departure day
. Double room accommodation
. Night club program.
. First preparation of the trophies
. Organization of the hunting
. Veterinarian certificate
. Hunting permit for Romania
. Preparation and conservation of the game
. Dummy birds, motorboats and boatman (a boat for every 2 persons, special equests available)
. Guide interpreter and professional hunter throughout the period
. Drinks and tips
. License to hunt in the reservation Biosphere of Danube Delta
. All the game is exported without limits regarding the ducks and the geese


. The flight to and from Romania
. Other personal expenses
. The cost of the trophies
. Rented gun €. 35/ day
. Cartridges semi magnum of 40/42 gr. : €. 6 / box of 10 pieces.
. Cartridges magnum of 54/56 gr. : €. 10 / box of 10 pieces.
. Cartridges of 12 or 20 calibre, 35/28 gr., with 9 or 8 small shots : €. 9/box of 25
. Automatic gun €. 35 /day
. Italian cartridges : €. 9 / box of 25 pieces
. Our hunting dogs €. 25 /day


You are allowed to enter Romania with 2 shotguns or rifles, even of the same caliber, with 100 cartridges each, but only based on the weapons visa that our company will obtain for you. In Romania you can only import shotguns with the caliber bigger than 5.6 mm. Every automatic gun should not have more than 3 fires. Our company can provide excellent Benelli and Beretta weapons for those who do not bring their own shotguns, as well as original Italian cartridges of different types for all our hunting programs.

You will need your passport, with a validity of at least 6 months; the Romanian hunting permit that our company obtains for you, at least 10 days before your arrival. We will need the personal data of the hunter, the passport number and data on the weapons he intends to introduce in Romania (caliber, brand and ID). The hunter coming to Romania will have to also bring with him the weapon-permit from his country and his insurance policy - civil responsibility. Without this insurance you cannot hunt in Romania.

PLEASE don't forget to send us the following informations: Name, First Name, Passport No., Hunt licence No., Hunt Shogun No., Custom, Entrance date, Leaving date, Species at

The quality and quantity of trophies intended for hunting must be settled before your arrival, so that we can arrange for the best reservations that will suit your requirements. Payment for the game and trophies will be done on the hunting spot, in EURO.

You can bring your own hunting dog in Romania. The dog should have an international certificate of antirabic vaccination from the local veterinary doctor, dated at least 8 days before your departure. If you intend to travel by plane, you will need a special cage for air transportation.

The climate is very much like that of northern Italy. We recommend light clothing (very important - a product against mosquitoes), light shoes and boots. During winter, bring thick clothes, boots and long boots to hunt water animals, as well as thick boots to hunt in special places.

This depends on the hunting type and on the zone. Some hotels have been recently renewed. All the hunting houses are modernized every year in order to make them suitable to the best standards. There are such important houses directly in the hunting zones. The lodging in the Danube Delta is at the best level .

We recommend you the American dollar and the EURO; all exchangable currencies can be used, but the change might be unfavorable.

With respect to the possible complaints about the quantity of the migrant game, you should be aware that the game bag cannot be guaranteed. Our company will be always in contact with you, in order to be able to inform you on the possible climate changes that might affect your hunting journey.

The hunters who arrive in Romania through SC Never Die Trading Hunting Company are insured with an RC-type insurance, at the prices settled by the Brussels Convention. As hunting is a dangerous activity, we suggest you to stipulate a hazard insurance during hunting.